Manual for musicians to participate a music contest.

Check and explorer music contests posted and choose one you want to participate.

Start to write/make a music or sound for the music contest.

You will receive prize as winning
(You may also have copyrights)

Your songs will keep go on!

No matter your music or sound has chosen, we find other buyers who may be interested in your creative music or sound.

Rhoonart will store your source of music and sound applied.
This requires your agreement and we do not store without your approval.
Your sources will be exposed to other buyers to sell.
Again, you will have your copyrights unless you want to sell.
As buyers pay for your music or sound, buyers pay and receive a right to use.
No deals will be proceed without your approval.
Profits will be shared with you and Rhoonart.
If you make a contract with us a exclusive right on your sources, you will receive 70%, or 30% non-exclusive right.