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Chanhee Lim

0시 ~ 24시
Korea, South
Chanhee Lim was born in Daejeon, South Korea in 1985. He studied composition at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock with Peter Manfred Wolf and at the Hochschule für Musik Dresden with Mark Andre.
His works were and will be performed in Germany, Austria, Swiss, Russia, France, Spain and South Korea with Ensemble HMT Rostock, Ensemble der HfM Dresden, Minguet Quartett, Trio Sæitenwind, Studio for new music ensemble, trio sostenuto, Ensemble Chambre d’écoute, neophon ensemble, Ensemble Project21AND, Duo Hellqvist/Amaral, NAMES ensemble, Ensemble Intercontemporain among others.
He was selected for Call for Scores by Koreanisches Musikfest in Germany, Project21AND Seoul, Sorimok Seoul, Phoenix Satellite Basel, Manifeste Paris, Crossroads Salzburg, snim Vienna and Mixtur Festival Barcelona and he awarded Diploma at the International Jurgenson Competition and 1st Prize at the International Competition Donne in Musica. He is artistic director of project ensemble morph and his works will be available via Babelscores.

1985년 대전출생의 임찬희는 독일 로스톡 국립음대와 드레스덴 국립음대에서 Peter M. Wolf, José M. Sánchez-Verdú, Mark Andre를 사사했다. 그의 작품은 한국, 오스트리아, 스위스, 독일, 프랑스, 러시아, 스페인의 여러 연주회와 음악제에서 Minguet Quartett, Trio Sæitenwind, Studio for new music ensemble, trio sostenuto, Duo Hellqvist/Amaral, Ensemble Chambre d’écoute, project ensemble morph, NAMES, neophon ensemble, Ensemble Intercontemporain 등에 의해 연주되었다. 그는 독일 한국음악제, Phoenix Satellite Basel, Crossroads Salzburg, snim Vienna, Mixtur Barcelona, Manifeste Paris에 선정되었고 국제 Jurgenson 콩쿨, 국제 Donne in Musica 콩쿨에서 입상하였다. 그의 작품은 Babelscores에 의해 출판된다.

Musical Opinion
I have always wanted to deny myself made from my time and memories for the very reason. I also have wanted a certain orientation of who I am being to be gone, which would free me from it. I have wanted abstractiveness and concreteness of music to go their own way separately so to be far from each other. I have wanted the distance between them would make large room enough for everything to be free and encounter in it, which would lead to disappearance of any conscious identities of them and it would make an existence between of being music or not. No control have I wanted. Any attempts to control must have no impact on their being. Concentrating on sound got me to my own imagination that its temporality and temporality would be movable on their relationship. That might be a little proof about a potential relationship of music and sound. An experiment reads to another one, which makes me feel alive.

시간과 기억이 만든 나의 존재를 그렇기에 나는 부정하고 싶었다. 나의 방향은 사라지길 바랬고, 그럼으로 자유하길 원했다. 나의 상상은 그것의 역사와의 단절로 고독하게 부유하길 원했다. 음악이 가지고 있는 추상성과 구체성은 그들의 한계를 향해 가길 원하고 그 둘은 서로 먼 존재가 되길 바랬다. 그 멂처럼 음악이라는 틀 안에 모든 것들이 자유롭길 원했고 다시금 상쇄되길 바랬다. 그럼으로 인지에 의한 정체성은 사라지고 음악이면서 음악이지 않은 그 사이적 형태로 존재하길 난 갈망했다. 컨트롤 하고 싶지 않았다. 어쨌든 어떠하든 존재하는거라면 말이다. 소리에 집중하다 그것의 공간성과 시간성이 소리세계 위에서 서로 상호적으로 움직일 수 있겠다는 개인적 상상을 해보았다. 그것은 어쩌면 앞으로의 음악과 소리의 잠재성에 대한 작은 증거일 수 있다. 실험은 또 다른 실험이 될 것이고 그것은 나의 삶이 살아있음을 느끼게 한다.

Available Works
Days of Work
30 일
# Of Modification
3 회


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Works List

let me be you for violin and piano (2018) [9']
commissioned by Duo Hellqvist/Amaral and Mixtur Barcelona 

disappearing things at the moment of recognition for ensemble (2017) [8']
commissioned by Crossroads Festival and NAMES
premiered by NAMES and Oscar Maria Jockel (Cond.) in Salzburg on 15. November, 2017

empty mind for piano, percussion and electronic (2017) [14']
commissioned by project ensemble morph
premiered by project ensemble morph in Berlin on 26. July, 2017

My flower bed for contrabassoon, french horn and tenor trombone (2017) [8']
commissioned by Manifeste Paris
premiered by ensemble intercontemporain in Paris on 1. July, 2017

It may not be anything for recorder, cello, piano 4 hands (2017)  [24']
commissioned by Sangwook Lee and Semin Shon
premiered by Hyowon Lee, Jee Won Kang, Sangwook Lee, Semin Shon in Seoul on 16. Apr, 2017

Die Erinnerung der Vergessenheit I for bass clarinet, french horn, classic guitar, double bass and electronics (2017) [20’]
commissioned by impuls Graz
premiered by Johannes Feuchter, Hsiang Chi Lee, Ruben Mattias Santorsa, Constantin Herzog in Graz on 19. Feb, 2017

mind landscape for 7 players and electronics (2016) [15’]
commissioned by Barblina Meierhans

rûah for saxophone, violoncello and accordion (2015) [14’]
commissioned by Trio SÆITENWIND
premiered by Trio SÆITENWIND in Thun on 6. Feb, 2016

außen beleuchten, erleuchten innen for string trio with live electronics (2014) [15’]
premiered by Julia Geiling, Vanya Atanasova, Jeong-in Choi in Dresden on 25. May 2015

Keim for clarinet, violoncello and piano(2013) [8’]
commissioned by trio sostenuto
premiered by trio sostenuto in Berlin on 17. Jan, 2014

 …logue for vocal quartet (2013) [6’]
premiered by soloists of Landesbühnen Sachsen in Dresden on 13. June, 2013

Sagte zu Noah for double bass and electronic (2012) [6’]
premiered by Tobias E. Schick in Dresden on 3. Dec, 2012

Die rote Achse for violin, 2 violoncello, double bass and piano (2012) [12’]
commissioned by Konstantin Heuer
premiered by neophon ensemble and Konstantin Heuer (Cond.) in Rostock on 26. Nov. 2012

Lichtwellen for 16 strings (1/2/3/5/5) (2011) [24’]
premiered by ensemble hmt Rostock and Chanhee Lim (Cond.) in Rostock on 22. Nov, 2011

Spirallicht for brass quintet (2011) [10’]
premiered by Mutsumi Shimamaru, Yumiko Koizumi, Svenja Wolf, Icsun Kwon, Mingfei Cao, Chanhee Lim (Cond.) in Rostock on 9. May 2011

Fünf Eier for violin and clarinet (2010) [2’ 30’’]
premiered by Joshuar Löhrer, Surla Jo in Rostock on 4. Feb 2011

Pastorale for string quartet (2010) [11’]
premiered by Chaein Kim, Miga Kim, Boram Park, Kejing Shi in Rostock on 4. Feb 2011

Ein zweisätziges Stück über ein Ei und eine Zwiebel for piano solo (2009) [6’]
premiered by Nina Schwartz in Rostock on 11. May, 2010

Spiegel for ensemble (2009) [10’]

Rastloser Fluß for string quartet (2008) [10’]

In for clarinet solo (2008) [8’]
premiered by Soojin Lee in Eutin on 8. May, 2010


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